Sara Pleau


Education has played a key role in Sara’s career path, as she pursued studies in fashion marketing and interior design. This diverse training has given her a solid grounding in the creative industries, fostering a unique blend of artistic sensibility and business acumen.

In her quest for knowledge and personal development, Sara recently completed a certificate in business management, broadening her skill set.

The entrepreneurial spirit ran through Sara’s veins, and she embarked on a remarkable adventure in self-employment. For about two years, Sara owned and operated a successful café-grocery store in the dynamic Plateau Mont-Royal district. The business required a diverse skill set, encompassing culinary expertise, financial management, customer service, working with suppliers and active participation in festivals. In particular, Sara excelled at problem-solving, always looking for innovative solutions to overcome difficulties.

With a unique blend of creative expertise, business acumen and a genuine passion for personal development, Sara continues to explore new avenues, eager to make a positive impact and create meaningful connections within Zeste Incentive.

I can’t take the plane without…?

A good mystery novel..

My motto…?

Don’t say ‘’why me’’, say ‘’Try me‘

If I were a hashtag…?


Favorite place in Montreal (or in Toronto)…?

All green spaces, Lafontaine Park, Mount Royal, the waterfront of the Old Port

Place where you love to go back to…?

Wherever it’s hot, drinking from a coconut!