Sophie Jullien

Director of Client Experience

Originally from the French Alps, Sophie always had a restlessness and a great interest in travelling. So she quite naturally chose the tourism sector to pursue her education and career. She graduated from Sheffield University in England, got a first job in New York, spent five years in London, eight years in France and, finally, has been Montreal since 2013… She accumulated various experiences (operating tour, travelling agency, exhibition park, DMC…). Sophie likes new things, great meetings and the synergy that gives birth to an unforgettable program or event. What she likes the most in her job is falling in love again with Quebec, with each program, through the eyes and wonder of her clients.

I can’t take the plane without…?

A good book and a pillow.

My motto…?

Hope to believe in, courage to move forward, strength to continue.

If I were a hashtag…?


Favorite place in Montreal (or in Toronto)…?

Mile-end district, its resto, patios and alleyways in summer time.

Place where you love to go back to…?

Old Quebec City for its European charm all year round.